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GUESTS’ GIFT – porcelain dresser dish

Classic elegance influenced all the design elements of Bridget and Ata’s New York winter wedding. With so many family members and guests traveling from long distances to attend, Bridget and Ata wanted their guests to receive a meaningful and lasting remembrance of their New York celebration. Guests deeply appreciated receiving such a gift and were delighted to learn the significance of each design element:

• The bride’s favorite flower, the Catalyea orchid, is featured here in winter white
• Stripes were inspired by the formal décor of the private club venue
• Burgundy color scheme matches the bridesmaids’ dresses
• Golden branches resemble the ballroom’s gilded wall sconces
• Shell, a bas-relief from the club’s décor, symbolizes the bride’s Southern California origins and the couple’s new home
• Center is monogrammed with the bride and groom’s initials in formal script
• Wedding date is inscribed on the outer edge of the desser dish in burgundy formal script